Get up off the dark, open up your eyes; You’ll discover there’s a world outside; To fix a broken heart, you have to try; Pick it up, pick it up, it’s a beautiful life


Title: Toxic (Cover)
Artist: George Shelley
Played: 448 times

"george shelley."

"i’m 18."

"i work in a coffee shop."

"i’m gonna sing toxic, by britney spears."




I think it’s old because I remember seeing it before but I’m not 100% sure😂🙈

I’m pretty sure I remember seein it at some point🙈

I posted this about a year ago btw hence why I was confused if it was old or new, it’s definitely old now;)

So when the single comes out, just ask for every radio that you know, ask them if they can played ok? Email them, call them, just do what it’s necessary!

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We’ve noticed that the boys’ singles always drop after the Official Midweek Charts. So it always charts lower on the Official Charts on Sunday. There are a few ways to keep / get the boys higher in the charts, so they have a good chart position.

It is best if everyone buys…


I don’t know what this is about but I really love it. ❤️